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      P.W.C.G.C. Fields:

First : Petroleum Services

  1. Blasting and Painting with the Protective and Specialized Painting Materials.

  2. Mechanical Works.

  3. Welding.

  4. General Service

  5. Soil Stabilization.





Second : Insulation Works

  • Cold Insulation using Polyurethane Foam either by Spraying or Pouring at site as well as related Metal Sheet Installation Works.

  • Water proofing with the Latest Modern System like Polyurea Materials.

  • Hot Insulation using Mineral Wool, Glass Wool and Ceramic Fiber as well as related Metal Installation Works.

  • Tanks lining using Fiber Glass Materials, Polyester or Epoxies Materials.

  • Sound Isolation



Third : General Contractors

  • Building construction, consultant and execution.

  • Roads construction, Dams and airports run way construction.

  • General maintenance, Infrastructure and tourist resorts.



Fourth : Prefabrication Buildings

  • Supply and Construct of Warehouses, Open Sheds, Workshops…etc.

  • Supply and construct of Storage Refrigeration Units. Key Hand Over Completely with Wools, Roofs, Flooring and Refrigeration Equipments.


Fifth : Electrical Works

  • Construction of Towers for Transmition lines.

  • Maintenance, Commissioning and Operation for power Planets (Gas, Steam and Combined).

Sixth : Safety and Alarms Systems

  • Fire Alarm, Security Systems and Gas Leakage Systems.

  • Fire Fighting System.

  • Instrument and control networks.

  • Photo Cells.

  • Measuring devices for gas and oil leakage.