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            P.W.C.G.C Quality Assurance Manual ... Quality Assurance


      1.0. General:

1.1. Scope of Work

 P.w.c.g.c. was established to full fill the following goals:

1.1.1.Sharing in the field of Heat Insulation activities either hot or cold in the Petroleum, Fertilizer, Cold stores., ... etc. sectors.

1.1.2. Sharing in the field of Specialized Industrial Coating for pipelines, Tanks, Industrial Floors, ...etc. using up to date technology.

1.1.3. As we have excellent contacts with the newest technology Sources around the world, we are dedicated to transfer the latest technology in the above Sectors to the Egyptian Market through a qualified, dedicated team of Engineers, Technicians & Professional Personal.

1.2.    P.w.C.g.C. Activities

1.2.1.   : General Contractors

·      Building construction and maintenance.

·      Roads construction, Dams and airports run way construction.

1.2.2.   : Insulation Works

·      Cold Insulation using Polyurethane Foam either by Spraying or Pouring at site as well as related Metal Sheet Installation Works.

·      Water proofing with the Latest Modern System like Polyurea Materials.

·      Hot Insulation using Mineral Wool, Glass Wool and Ceramic Fiber as well as related Metal Installation Works.

·      Tanks lining using Fiber Glass Materials, Polyester or Epoxies Materials.

1.2.3.    Petroleum Services

·      Blasting and Painting with the Protective and Specialized Painting Materials.

·      Mechanical Works.

·      Welding.

1.2.4  : Prefabrication Buildings

·      Supply and Construct of War Houses, Open Sheds, Workshops…etc.

·      Supply and construct of Storage Refrigeration Units. Key Hand Over Completely with Wools, Roofs, Flooring and Refrigeration Equipments.

1.2.5. : Electrical Works

·      Construction of Towers for Transmition lines.

·      Maintenance, Commissioning and Operation for power Planets (Gas, Steam and Combine).

1.2.6. : Safety and Alarms Systems

·      Fire Alarm, Security Systems and Gas Leakage Systems.

·      Fire Fighting System.

·      Instrument and control networks.

·      Photo Cells.

 1.2.7.    Job Profile:

Attached Certificates for Jobs which have been Performed to our Customer's Satisfaction & done according to International specification.

 Finally, we believe that cooperation between specialists is the key for success, So let's does it right...

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

2.0. Objectives

The main objectives of P.w.C.G.C. management shall include the following:

1.   Facilitate Completion of contracts within Budget and time schedule.

2.   Ensure that all contracts meets contractual and regulatory requirements.

3.   Ensure the quality of the raw materials and finished product.

4.   Employ dedicated personnel of the appropriate experience and training.

3.0. Policy:

To Achieve these objectives, P.w.C.G.C. shall utilise throughout its Organization, an affective and efficient quality management system (Q.M.S) planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions.

Determination of conformance of work to contact and regulatory requirements shall be made on the basis of objective evidence of quality and quantity.

4.0. Quality Management System

The assurance of quality is a fundamental philosophy for all work undertaken by P.w.C.G.C. and shall be practiced by all personal in their daily activities.

5.0. Definitions:

Quality Assurance Manual

The documents setting out the general quality policies procedures and practices of P.w.C.G.C.


Quality Management System

The Organization structure responsibilities, activities, resources and events that together provide organized procedures and methods of implementation to ensure the capability of the Organization to meet quality requirements.

Quality Assurance Plan

The document, setting out the specific quality assurance practices, resources and activities relevant to a particular contract or project.

Manufacturing Quality Control Manual

The document setting out the quality control practices, resources and activities relevant to the manufacture of equipment/products.

Quality Audit

An independent and systematic examination of actions that influence quality. Quality auditing can relate to product, process or system.

Quality Engineering

The application of appropriate techniques and skills to achieve the required quality.


Design Review

A review carried to assess conformance to the intent of the design specification.

Supplier Evaluation

Assessment of a supplier’s control of quality.

Quality Control

The operational techniques and activities that sustain


Examination, measurement and testing of the characterizations of items and services to ensure that they meet jurisdictional and contractual requirements.


The authoritative ...act of documenting compliance with requirements.

6.0. Control of Manuals

The Q.A. Manager shall be responsible for the updating and internal distribution of this Manual.

The Q.A. Manager shall subsequently ensure that all copies of the Manual are numbered and a register of their location is maintained.

Any changes to the Manual shall be approved by the Managing Director.

The Q.A. Manager shall be responsible for the control of changes to the Manual. He shall ensure that:

a)   Each changed page is issued and revision numbered.

b)    The changes, where they affect other Company documentation or relevant procedures, are incorporated into these subsidiary documents and they are also approved and issued.

c)  The revisions are distributed to all internal holders of the Q.A. Manual and superseded sections withdrawn. Only the holders of manuals which have been assigned a specific serial number shall receive these revised sections. All other copies that may be issued to Clients, ...etc., shall be uncontrolled and therefore, not updated.

7.0.    Organization and Responsibilities

7.1.    Organization Structure

          The organization of the departments within P.w.C.G.C. is included in Fig.II.

The Quality Assurance Manager shall be independent of other functions and has the authority to identify and evaluate quality problems and recommend effective solutions. 

7.2. Responsibilities

7.2.1. Corporate Staff Responsibilities

It shall be responsibility of all members of staff to ensure that the departments and/or persons that are within their sphere of control conform to the requirements and procedures laid down in this manual and the related departmental operating procedures.

7.2.2. Managing Director

The managing Director shall have the responsibility for ensuring that there is a total and organized commitment to quality. He shall be responsible for approving system function procedures and ensures that all P.w.C.G.C. personnel are aware that adherence to the stipulated practice is mandatory.

He shall provide the inspiration and enthusiasm to the work force by his own dedication to a philosophy of “Getting it Right First Time”.  He shall subsequently ensure that:

  ·  Each member of his team feels himself to be essential to the job and accepts his responsibility and recognizes the importance of the attainment or provision of a quality service.

  ·  An assessment of P.w.C.G.C.. performance is undertaken to establish areas requiring improvement or enhancement.

 7.2.3. Projects Manager

Is a head of projects and reports to P.w.C.G.C.. managing Director and his main responsibilities are:

  ·  Direct and Coordinate Projects within budget and execution schedule and polices of P.w.C.G.C..

  ·  P.w.C.G.C.. representative towards client.

  ·  Define scope of work and prepare budgets.

  ·  Select key personnel for administrative and Technical Jobs.

    ·    Study materials requirements and prepare materials ordering programmer.

    ·    Study drawings and specifications to prepare projects work schedule.

  ·  Check sites and comp. facilities.

  ·  Ensure availability of execution equipments.

  ·  Prepare detailed labour requirements.

  ·  Establish systems for projects monitoring and ensure that systems are working properly.

  ·  Ensure that contractual and legal matters are properly dealt with.

  ·  Ensure that client is billed as per contract.

  ·  Keep Managing Director informed of progress and possible problems.

7.2.4. Office Engineer

 Is in charge of five main functions.

  ·  Planning.

  ·  Cost control

  ·  Engineering / Drafting.

  ·  Procurement / material coordination.

  ·  Maintenance.

  ·    Office Engineer reports to projects Manger. His responsible are to:

  ·    Prepare/update execution programs and schedules in accor­dance with control obligations.

  ·    Identify, analyze and info projects manager of variations between planned and actual progress.

  ·    Prepare/updated labour program.

  ·    Study source documents of projects to allocate cost codes to various contracts activities.

  ·    Ensure that all received materials are according to specifica­tions.

  ·    Compute and build up direct and overhead costs of completed activities.

  ·    Prepare monthly cost control and budget reports.

  ·    Ensure that all drawings and procedures are correctly prepared, duly approved and available for site when required.

  ·    Monitor ordering of materials against materials schedules and check delivery according to site requirements.

  ·    Maintain an inventory of materials is stores.

  ·    Ensure that all materials, components, equipment are properly identified and stored according to applicable procedures.

  ·    Direct and supervise personnel engaged in maintenance and equipment require.

  ·    Plan arrange and enforce routines for preventive maintenance for job needs.

  ·    Check and arrange availability of execution equipment for sites.

  ·    Ensure availability of spare parts, materials and supplies for effective operation.

  ·    Ensure that maintenance and repair history records are main­tained

7.2.5. Project Dept. Manager:

 Are in charge of site and construction activities. They reports to the projects manager their principal responsibilities are to:

  ·    Perform supervisory functions as section heads, direct and control the activities of assigned site engineers and general Forman.

  ·    Review design and specifications to assess needs and check availability of equipment, manpower and materials.

  ·    Plan work schedule for their crews.

  ·    Supervise the construction work and ensure that work is completed on schedule and in conformity with drawings and specifications.

  ·    Prepare a regular reports of progress, materials, manpower and equipment used ....etc.

  ·    Ensure observance of safety codes and standards, and provide advice and assistance to subordinators.

  ·    Keep projects manager informed about work program and progress.

7.2.6. Financial Director

          The financial director shall have the overall responsibility for effective financial control of the P.w.C.G.C.. organization. Specific responsibilities shall include:

  ·    Development and control of every Project Recording Functions. Includes petty cash, bank accounts, coding structure, payrolls, capital expenditure, etc.

  ·    Establishment of Projects Reporting Functions. Includes weekly and monthly cash returns.

  ·    Control of Head Office Functions. Includes information process­ing, Projects performance reporting and accounting timetables.

7.2.7. Personnel/Resources Director

The personnel/Resources Director shall have the responsi­bility for coordinating manpower resourcing of P.w.C.G.C.. all contracts. Specific responsibilities shall include:

  ·    Recruitment. for P.w.C.G.C.. head office and all Projects this shall be undertaken in conjunction with the relevant Projects manager. The Resources department do however maintain a complete overview of the P.w.C.G.C.. activity and consider such items as interchangeability of staff.

  ·    Training. Only trained and qualified personnel shall be assigned for vendor surveillance, inspection, test witnessing and audit activities. The Resources department issue Certificates to person­nel qualified to act as inspection engineers, non-destructive testing surveillance engineers and auditors. Copies of such certificates shall be maintained in the Qualification and Training records which are developed for each person. Re-certification shall be carried out at 3 yearly intervals. Further training and indoctrination, specific to a project, shall be provided as considered necessary.

7.2.8. Business Development Director

The business Development Director shall be responsible for ensuring that P.w.C.G.C.. know and understand a Client’s quality needs. Activities which he co-ordinates to achieve this objective shall include:

  ·    Effective and continual market research.

  ·    Regular Client liaison to ensure a clear understanding exists between both parties, and obtain feedback on previous P.w.C.G.C.. performance.

  ·    Establishment of a professional document package which ensures the industry is fully aware of P.w.C.G.C..'S capability and technical prowess.

7.2.9. Special Projects Director

The Director for Special Projects shall be responsible for ensuring that P.w.C.G.C.. are at the forefront of all developments which improve/increase the scope of P.w.C.G.C..'S inspection/ testing capability. Areas of improvement shall include:

  ·    Liaison/participation with external technical committees.

  ·    Investigation of new non-destructive applications.

  ·    Research and Development into ways of providing objective evidence of ultrasonic examination.

  ·    Establishment of joint ventures with specialized companies providing techniques outside the range of present capability.

7.2.10. Commercial Manger

The Commercial Manager shall be responsible for ensuring effective control of the following aspects:

  ·    Inquiry/Co-ordination. All Client enquiries shall be channeled through the Commercial Department. The Commercial Manager shall be responsible for ensuring all affected parties are distributed with copies of documentation relevant to their field of expertise, and have the opportunity to evaluate the required scope of work. He shall be subsequently responsible for evaluating manpower requirements and determining the antici­pated cost to the Client.

  ·    Contract Control. The Commercial Manage shall be responsible for provision of all contract documentation and procedures. Specific duties include:

i)    Cost Analysis and Control

ii)   Valuations and Invoicing

iii)   Negotiation of price escalation.

iv)  Preparation and settlement of claims.

v)   Negotiation and settlement of subcontractors accounts and claims.

vi)  Preparation of final accounts

7.2.11. Purchasing Manager

The purchasing Manager shall be responsible for the procure­ment of all bought-out materials and equipment. Specific duties shall include:

  ·    Issuance of all P.w.C.G.C.. purchase orders.

  ·    Evaluation of suppliers (in conjunction with the Q.A. Dept.) and updating of approved supplier records.

  ·    Ensuring all purchases meet designated specifications.

  ·    Obtaining competitive quotations for use in tenders.

  ·    Processing of purchase invoices.

  ·    Maintenance of a comprehensive catalogue library.

7.2.12. Safety Manager

The Safety Manager shall give guidance and advice on all matters relating to safety within the Company.

 He shall ensure that standards are maintained at a high level through regular site visits and constant modification of existing procedures. He shall ensure an up-to-date knowledge of current acts and codes of practice and shall amend the company procedure documents accordingly.

The Company safety procedures shall be detailed in the Company Document ‘Manual of Safety Procedures’. The Safety Manager shall ensure all personnel are aware of the contents of this document.

7.2.13. Departmental/Discipline Heads

Division/Departmental Discipline Heads shall be responsible for:

  ·    The quality of work carried out by personnel within their area of activity.

  ·    Achieving and maintaining the specified quality requirements.

  ·    Ensuring that requirements of the Q.A. Manual are implemented into the regular working methods of their departments/ disciplines. This is achieved by the development of procedures, work instructions and standard forms.

  ·    Ensuring that all staff assigned to a project/contract are adequately qualified and experienced in their relevant technical discipline.

  ·    Ensuring that all staff are familiar with the fundamental Quality Procedures, and have ready access to them.

  ·    Assisting in the audit of project task force personnel for implementation and adherence to the Project Quality Assurance Program.

7.2.14. Site Supervisors

Site supervisors shall be responsible for:

  ·    Ensuring that the Quality System is implemented and maintained during site operations.

  ·    Preparation, distribution of procedures, work instructions.

  ·    Ensuring conformance to Client’s requirements.

7.2.15. Operators and Inspectors

Operators and Inspectors shall be responsible for:

  ·    Carrying out the work in accordance with the requirements of the specification, procedures and written work instructions governing their performance.

  ·    Provision of “feed-back” on the effectiveness of the Quality System.
7.2.16. Quality Assurance Manager

The Quality Assurance Manger shall have line responsibility to the Managing Director for the overall implementation of the Quality Management system.

The Q.A. Manger shall be responsible for:

  ·    Defining and checking that the Quality Assurance Policy is being followed within P.w.C.G.C. and that the quality requirements and procedures are implemented on all contracts.

  ·    Consultation with Management to ensure that the fundamental working methods are identified. In addition, to ensure that fully approved procedures are raised to cover fundamental working methods and that departments/disciplines are in possession of the current versions.

  ·    Ensuring that site/task force personnel are monitored to verify adherence to the procedures.

  ·    Co-ordinating and conducting audits of Company activities. Ensuring that personnel of the appropriate experience are assigned to the activity.

  ·    Representing P.w.C.G.C. during extrinsic quality audits by Clients or assessments by potential Clients.

  ·    Conducting or arranging for audits of manufactures. In conjunction with procurement, ensuring P.w.C.G.C. maintain a register of approved manufactures and sub-contractors.

  ·    Consultation with senior management to ensure that all quality related procedures are formally reviewed annually, and updated and issued as authorized.

  ·    Reviewing this Manual annually, presenting recommendations to the Managing Director and ensuring that the Manual is updated to reflect any authorized modifications.

  ·    Directing staff in matters of professional development through in-house education and external training courses.

  ·    Reviewing Quality Assurance staff performance, assessing candidates for recruitment and allocating staff to contracts.

Safety plan

The purpose of this plan is to perform the Job within the safety precaution limits which keep the personal, company facilities and contractor equipment in good shape.

To achieve this purpose we have the following aspects to be considered:

1.0. P.w.C.G.C. Management Policy

1.1.There is a complete understanding of the importance of choosing the qualified engineers, technicians as well as labour to perform different Jobs professionally.

1.2. Training is an important aspect to be considered.

1.3. Transportation of material is performed with reliable drivers though checked & tested vehicles.

2.0.  Personal Safety Precautions:

2.1.Engineers are well trained & have good experience with similar jobs in Petroleum Companies, Fertilizer Factories, ...etc.

2.2. Technicians & workers have ID cards to be registered before starting the job. They are well experienced & trained to work in hazardous conditions.

2.3. All the personal have to wear their safety clothes during job performance such as helmets, gloves, Industrial boot, overalls and be held with safety belts.

2.4. Sand Blasters & Foamers have to wear special Mask during the working time.

3.0.  Machinery & Equipment Safety Precautions:

3.1.All machinery & Equipment have to be in excellent condition.

3.2. Scaffolding has to be tested and well established.

3.3. Making sure that the right equipment for a specific job.

4.0. Site safety precautions:

4.1.Making sure that all personal are aware of the site safety precautions and following it strictly.

4.2.Covering all the adjacent equipment, which are not subject to the job for protection purpose.

4.3.It is imperative that all the personal obey & follow the safety orders from the company safety team.

4.4.The working time in site is approved & confirmed by the Company. It is imperative to leave the site area after the end of the working time.


The quality management system defined and detailed in this manual has the support of all P.w.C.G.C. senior management in order to achieve the unified approach to quality achievement, compliance with the systems and operational procedures is a mandatory requirement of all personnel engaged upon and under the control of company projects.`